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Every year, the Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computer Systems (IHC) publishes dozens of papers on the most diverse topics and themes: 240 papers were published in the last 4 editions (2017-2020).

Below, we present the rank with the 30 most cited* papers published in IHC last editions.

* Citations count obtained from Google Scholar in August 2021.

# Title Year Citations
1 A Systematic Mapping Study on Research Contributions on UX Evaluation Technologies 2017 26
2 Here’s What I Can Do: Chatbots’ Strategies to Convey Their Features to Users 2017 23
3 Human Values in HCI: a challenge for the GrandIHC-BR 2017 14
4 Analyzing User Experience in Mobile Web, Native and Progressive Web Applications: A User and HCI Specialist Perspectives 2018 13
5 A systematic literature review on user centered design and participatory design with older people 2019 12
6 Usability Considerations For Coercion-Resistant Election Systems 2018 12
7 A Scenario-Based Approach for Checking Consistency in User Interface Design Artifacts 2017 11
8 Digital Memorials: A proposal for data management beyond life 2017 11
9 Creating Personas focused on Representing Potential Requirements to Support the Design of Applications 2018 10
10 Native or Web-Hybrid Apps?: An Analysis of the Adequacy for Accessibility of Android Interface Components Used with Screen Readers 2017 10
11 A Conceptual Framework to design Users Digital Legacy Management Systems 2017 9
12 Designing for Pragmatists and Fundamentalists: Privacy Concerns and Attitudes on the Internet of Things 2017 9
13 How Much Effort is Necessary for Blind Users to Read Web-based Mathematical Formulae?: A comparison using task models with different screen readers 2017 9
14 Investigating accessibility issues of UI mobile design patterns in online communities: a virtual ethnographic study 2017 9
15 Searching for Preferences of Autistic Children to Support the Design of User Interfaces 2017 9
16 Do Android app users care about accessibility?: an analysis of user reviews on the Google play store 2019 8
17 Beyond traditional evaluations: user’s view in app stores 2017 8
18 TangiTime: designing a (socio)enactive experience for deep time in an educational exhibit 2019 7
19 A Study of Hedonic Experience Related to UX Capture Techniques 2018 7
20 Analysis, Redesign and Validation of Accessibility Resources Applied to an Official Electronic Journal for the Promotion of Equal Access to Public Acts 2018 7
21 Human Data-Interaction: A Systematic Mapping 2018 7
22 Revisiting Interactive Art from an Interaction Design Perspective: Opening a Research Agenda 2018 7
23 Young Adults’ Perspective on Managing Digital Legacy: An Analytical and Exploratory Study 2018 7
24 Design Ethnography for Screenless Interaction Style: hands-on and no-hands in early morning routines 2017 7
25 Evaluating the usability expressiveness of a USability-oriented INteraction and Navigation model 2017 7
26 Characterising volunteers’ task execution patterns across projects on multi-project citizen science platforms 2019 6
27 An Analysis of Users’ Preferences on Pre-Management of Digital Legacy 2018 6
28 Evaluating the PROMISE framework for Trust in Sharing Economy System 2018 6
29 Intermediated Semiotic Inspection Method 2018 6
30 Evaluating the user experience in interactive installations: a case study 2019 5