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By the CEIHC regiment, approved at the Community Assembly during IHC + CLIHC’2011, the steering committee has the prerogative to appoint officials to assist it in meeting specific demands. These persons officially hold consultative posts in the CEIHC, with a mandate co-extensive to that of the commission coordinator. The Scientific Profile WG is an ad hoc committee created by the CEIHC Steering Committee, whose mission is to raise and analyze the scientific profile of the IHC area in Brazil, and to provide the Coordinator of CEIHC with the information and proposals necessary for the Commission to comply with its promote and disseminate the progress of this area in the country.

The current WG is coordinated by Professor Roberto Pereira.

CC Area Documents

The first area paper for Computer Science used as a reference by the WG was the 2007-2009 triennium. It can be found at the following address:

CAPES offers documents from the most recent areas at this address:

To consult qualified vehicles of the IHC area in the current Qualis, you can use the WEBQUALIS.

We suggest that researchers in the area of computing use, for example, this strategy:

  1. A search by area (area = ‘Computer Science’) without definition of stratum
  2. On the assembled page (with all vehicles qualified in the area), search the browser, looking for terms or substrings representative of the area such as:
    • behavio
    • ergo
    • human
    • interact
    • interface
    • user



HCIBib is the largest and most important academic and academic base in the area, created by Gary Perlman in 1998 as a service to the international community of IHC and hosted by ACM SIGCHI’s Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction. It includes not only IHC core journals and conferences, but also related areas such as Collaborative Systems, Multimedia Systems and others.

Newspapers of interest to the area (HCI Bib catalog)

Conferences of interest to the area (HCI Bib catalog)