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General information

General Coordination and Realization: Alex Sandro Gomes UFPE

Coordinators of the Program Committee: Alfredo Sánchez (UDLAP) and Clarisse de Souza (PUC-Rio)

Place and Date: Porto de Galinhas (PE) from 25 to 28 October 2011

Website: http://www.cin.ufpe.br/~ihc_clihc2011/

Observations: Held in conjunction with the V LCHCI (Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction)

Invited Speakers: Alexander Repenning and Jesús Favela

Number of Full Technical Articles in the Annals: 32

Number of articles summarized in the proceedings: 15

Address of Annals on the Web: ACM Digital Library


Full Article

  • 1st place
    • Elderly Interaction with Cell Phones: Flexibility to Attend Diversity
      Vinícius Gonçalves, Vânia PA Neris, Job Ueyama
  • Finalists:
    • Designing Usable Graphical Interfaces for Applications in Interactive Digital Television Environments
      Andrés Fernando Solano Alegría, Gabriel Elias Chanchí Golondrino, César Alberto Collazos Ordoñez and José Luis Arciniegas Herrera
    • Identifying usability problems through inspection in the interaction model
      Macilon Costa Neto, Alessandro José De Souza and Jair Leite
    • Application of the Semiotic Inspection Method: a Systematic Literature Review
      Soraia Reis and Raquel Prates

Competition – Post-graduate studies

  • 1st place:
    • Evaluation of Usability and Accessibility of the Virtual Learning Environment TelEduc: taking “learning” to all
      André Constantino da Silva, Caroline Letízio, Ricardo Caceffo, Ariel Vargas and Heloísa Vieira da Rocha
  • 2nd place:
    • Notes on the usability of the Moodle system applied to Distance Learning at the Federal University of São Carlos.
      Francisco Eduardo do Nascimento, Marcelo Lemos Correia, Priscila Valneiros Kitamura, Tatiana Silva de Alencar, Junia Coutinho Anacleto
  • 3rd place:
    • Problems in Moodle? An IHC assessment using Cognitive Pathway and Communicability
      Rafael Hocevar de Moura, Roger Granada, Alexandre Seki, Milene Silveira (advisor)


List of Technical Articles Complete

  1. Issues of the Social Web interaction project faced with afterlife digital legacy .
    Cristiano Maciel
  2. Vive la différence !: a survey of cultural-aware techniques in HCI .
    Isabela Gasparini, Marcelo Pimenta and José Palazzo M. De Oliveira
  3. On the epistemic nature of Cultural Viewpoint Metaphors .
    Luciana Salgado, Clarisse De Souza and Carla Leitão
  4. Contextualised Interface Content of an Educational Narrative Game .
    Marcos Alexandre Rose Silva and Junia Anacleto
  5. Widgets Internship: Developing Learners Skills in a User-Centered Development Process .
    Eduardo Oliveira, Taciana Pontual, Victor Ximenes and Paulo Melo
  6. Usability and Workload: A Case Study for the Prevention of Occupational Diseases in Computer Science .
    Isaias Horta Brazil and Wander Antunes Gaspar Valente
  7. Knowledge and Information and Needs of System Administrators in IT Service Factories .
    Cleidson De Souza, Claudio Pinhanez and Victor Cavalcante
  8. Multidirectional Knowledge Extraction Process for Creating Behavioral People .
    Andrey Masiero, Mayara Gonçalves Leite, Lucia Vilela Leite Filgueiras and Plinio Thomaz Aquino Jr.
  9. Definition of a Framework for the Development of Interactive Usable Systems: from the integration of CIAF and MPIua .
    Maria Villegas, William Joseph Giraldo, Toni Granollers and Helmuth Trefftz
  10. A usability assessment model based on automatic capture of user interaction data in real environments .
    Artur Kronbauer and Celso AS Santos
  11. Identifying usability problems through inspection in the interaction model .
    Macilon Costa Neto, Alessandro José De Souza and Jair Leite
  12. “Fine-tuning” peer communication to enhance understanding of the designer’s message .
    Leticia Lopes Leite and Milene Silveira
  13. Using and utilizing an innovative media development tool .
    Chris Roast, Andrew Dearden and Elizabeth Uruchurtu
  14. Pamphlet Vs. Mobile: Sensemaking of Health Information .
    Eduardo Calvillo Gamez, Ana Grimaldo Martínez, Victor Gonzalez and Rafael Llamas Contreras
  15. Overview, Opportunities and Recommendations for the Brazilian Context of Human Interaction Computer and User-Centered Design from the Use of People .
    Danielly Barboza, Carlos Rosemberg and Elizabeth Furtado
  16. Application of the Semiotic Inspection Method: a systematic literature review .
    Soraia Reis and Raquel Prates
  17. Comparative analysis of heuristics for the evaluation of digital games .
    Thiago S. Barcelos, Thiago DC Carvalho, Juliano Schimiguel and Ismar F. Silveira
  18. Speak up your mind: Using speech to capture innovative ideas on interactive surfaces .
    Osvaldo Huerta, J. Alfredo Sánchez, Salvador Fuentes, and Ofelia Cervantes
  19. Evaluating the Usability of Multimodal Interfaces: A Case Study .
    Ana Esther Victor Barbosa, José Eustáquio Rangel De Queiroz, André Luís B. Moreira Ramos and Danilo De Sousa Ferreira
  20. Analysis of Sociability of Online Communities for Deaf Users: An Orkut Case Study .
    Glívia Barbosa, Raquel Prates and Luiz Corrêa
  21. Towards a participatory development of assistive technology for mobility and speech impaired patients .
    Luciana Borges, Lucia Filgueiras and Cristiano Maciel
  22. Accessibility for People with Cerebral Palsy: The Use of Blogs as an Agent of Social Inclusion .
    Ariane Oliveira Ferreira, Simone Bacellar Leal Ferreira, Denis Silveira and Aurélio Fernando Ferreira
  23. Evaluation of Web Accessibility Tools .
    Eduardo Hideki Tanaka and Heloisa Vieira Da Rocha
  24. Evaluation of Web Accessibility from the Perspective of Functional Illiteracy .
    Eliane Pinheiro Capra, Simone Bacellar Leal Ferreira, Denis Silva Da Silveira, Débora Maurmo Modesto and Bruno Brochado Ribeiro
  25. “I also want to play!” – re-evaluating accessibility practices and guidelines in games .
    Jean Cheiran and Marcelo Pimenta
  26. USABILICS: remote usability assessment and metrics based on task analysis .
    Leandro Guarino Vasconcelos and Laércio Augusto Baldochi Júnior
  27. Motivational Aspects in Energy Feedback Systems Design .
    Lara Piccolo and Cecília Baranauskas
  28. A Strategy for Analysis of the Adoption of Collaborative Systems Based on the Relationships between Experiences of Users, Technology and Marketing .
    Leandro Santiago Da Silva, Maria Elizabeth Sucupira Furtado and João José Vasco Peixoto Furtado
  29. Analysis of Third Age Behavior When You Make a Purchase on the Americanas.com Site .
    Rafael Almeida, Simone Bacellar Leal Ferreira and Denis Silveira
  30. Elderly Interaction with Cell Phones: Flexibility to Attend to Diversity .
    Vinícius Gonçalves, Vânia Neris and Jó Ueyama
  31. Interactive Analysis of Likert Scale Data using a Multichart Visualization Tool .
    Fabio Petrillo, Andre Spritzer, Marcelo Pimenta and Carla Freitas
  32. Designing Usable Graphical Interfaces of Applications in Interactive Digital Television Environments .
    Andrés Fernando Solano Alegría, Gabriel Elias Chanchí Golondrino, César Alberto Collazos Ordoñez and José Luis Arciniegas Herrera

List of Summarized Technical Articles

  1. Evaluation of Interfaces in Social Networks to investigate the interaction context .
    Lafayette Melo
  2. Collaborative and Distributed Model for Teaching Usability .
    Laura Aballay, Cesar Collazos and Myriam Herrera
  3. UsabilityGame: Game Simulator to Support Usability Teaching .
    Leonardo Sommariva, Fabiane Benitti and Felipe Dalcin
  4. Evaluation of the usability of an Academic Information System .
    Yane Rodrigues and Carina Alves
  5. Joining IHC and Business through the use of Personas: A Case Study in the Mobile Applications Market .
    Carlos Rosemberg, Gabriela Campos, Carlos Andrade, Albert Schilling and Carlos Marcellus Cysne
  6. Virtual Worlds: Real Usability?
    Roberto Muñoz and Cristian Rusu
  7. Shape-based versus Sketch-based UI Prototyping: A Comparative Study .
    Vinicius Segura and Simone Barbosa
  8. A Systematic Review on Usability Assessment Methods Applied in Mobile Phone Software .
    Vinícius Gonçalves, Vânia Neris, Marcelo Morandini, Elisa Nakagawa and Jó Ueyama
  9. Developing an Accessible Interaction Model for Touchscreen Mobile Devices: Preliminary Results .
    Lara Piccolo, Ewerton Menezes and Bruno Buccolo
  10. Model-based Design and Generation of a Gesture-based User Interface .
    Sebastian Feuerstack, Mauro Dos Santos Anjo and Ednaldo Pizzolato
  11. Voice Interfaces for Real-Time Translation of Common Tourist Conversation Navigation Control .
    Eduardo Pires, Lais Vital, Carina Alves and Alex Gomes
  12. Designing a Game Controller for Motor Impaired Players .
    Bianca Oliveira Pereira, Cristiano Expedito, Fabrício Firmino de Faria and Adriana Vivacqua
  13. Relationship between accessibility and software evolution .
    Alline Mayumi Ribeiro Kobayashi, Caroline Castello Letizio and Eduardo Hideki Tanaka
  14. Context-Sensitive Accessibility for Older Adults on Web Systems .
    Silvana MA Lara, Denis Oliveira and Renata PM Fortes
  15. Scalable Annotation Mechanisms for Digital Content Aggregation and Context-Aware Authoring .
    Arno Scharl, Alexander Hubmann-Haidvogel, Gerhard Wohlgenannt, Albert Weichselbraun and Astrid Dickinger