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Informações Gerais

Coordenação Geral: Ranilson Paiva (UFAL) & André Magno C. de Araújo (UFAL)

Coordenação de Programa: Taciana Pontual Falcão (UFRPE) & Yuska Paola Costa Aguiar (UFPB)

Tema: Tecendo as interfaces entre o físico e o virtual

Local: Maceió- AL

Data: 16 a 20 de Outubro 2023

Website: https://ihc.sbc.org.br/2023

Palestrantes: Juan Pablo Hourcade e Vânia Paula de Almeida Neris

Anais do Evento: Em breve

Artigos Completos

Artigos de Pesquisa

  1. A Case Study with a Riverside Community to Improve Apps Instant Payments Access
    Luciano Arruda Teran (UFPA), Alan Trindade de Almeida Silva (UFPA), Caio Pinheiro de Carvalho (UFPA), Sandy Hiorrana Lima Farias (UFPA), Suzane Santos dos Santos (UFPA), Fabiola Pantoja Oliveira Araujo (UFPA), Cleidson R. Botelho de Souza (UFPA), Marcelle Pereira Mota (UFPA)
  2. A mixed factorial experiment with colors and adaptive web user interfaces to change emotions
    Patrícia Deud Guimarães (UFSCar), Fernando Silva (UFSCar), Anderson Ara (UFPR), Vânia Neris (UFSCar)
  3. A systematic mapping study on participatory game design with children
    Ludmilla Galvão (UFPR), Laura Sánchez García (UFPR), Tanya Amara Felipe (INES)
  4. A Taxonomy of Methods, Tools, and Approaches for Enabling Collaborative Annotation
    Joana Gabriela Ribeiro de Souza (IBM Research), Juliana Jansen Ferreira (IBM Research), Vinícius Segura (IBM Research)
  5. An Analysis of the Web Accessibility of the Sites of the Brazilian Federal Universities Based on e-MAG
    Anna Theresa Carlos dos Santos (UFOP), Lucinéia Souza Maia (UFOP)
  6. Cross-cultural adaptation of the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory Task Evaluation Questionnaire into Brazilian Portuguese
    Caio Nunes (UFC), Ticianne Darin (UFC)
  7. Digital Accessibility at the Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computing Systems (IHC) – An Updated Systematic Literature Review
    Erik H. Da Costa Nunes (UFC), Guilherme Vital Ribeiro (Faculdade Senac), Ingrid Teixeira Monteiro (UFC), Enyo Gonçalves (UFC)
  8. Evolution may come with a price: analyzing user reviews to understand the impact of updates on mobile apps accessibility
    Paulo S. H. dos Santos (USP), Alberto D. A. Oliveira (USP), Thais B. N. de Jesus (USP), Wajdi Aljedaani (University of North Texas), Marcelo M. Eler (USP)
  9. From User Context to Tailored Playlists: A User Centered Approach to Improve Music Recommendation System
    Willian G. de Assunção (UFSCar), Raquel O. Prates (UFMG), Luciana A. M. Zaina (UFSCar)
  10. Gender Nuances in Human-Computer Interaction Research
    Israel Lucas Barros de Amorim (UFPA), Suzane Santos dos Santos (USP), Ingrid M. Miranda da Silva (UFPA), Kamila Rios da Hora Rodrigues (USP), Marcelle Pereira Mota (UFPA)
  11. Gesture Recognition Methods Using Sensors Integrated into Smartwatches: Results of a Systematic Literature Review
    Pedro Raphael Inácio Gomes (IF Goiano), Murillo Santos de Castro (IF Goiano), Thamer Horbylon Nascimento (IF Goiano)
  12. How to promote empathy in games? An analysis of the structural elements to be considered in the interaction design
    Vinícius Ferreira Galvão (USP), Cristiano Maciel (UFMG), Kamila Rios da Hora Rodrigues (USP)
  13. Investigating politeness strategies in chatbots through the lens of Conversation Analysis
    Mateus de Souza Monteiro (UFF), Vinícius Carvalho Pereira (UFMG), Luciana Cardoso de Castro Salgado (UFF)
  14. Investigating the Extended Metacommunication Template: How a semiotic tool may encourage reflective ethical practice in the development of machine learning systems
    Gabriel Diniz Junqueira Barbosa (PUC-Rio), José Luiz Nunes (PUC-Rio & FGV Direito Rio), Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza (PUC-Rio), Simone Diniz Junqueira Barbosa (PUC-Rio)
  15. Making roads safer: a vehicle blind spot alert system co-designed with end-users
    Pedro Lisboa (Centro Universitário Facens), Felipe Pires (Centro Universitário Facens), Herick Ribeiro (Centro Universitário Facens), Pietro Campos (Centro Universitário Facens), Luciana A. M. Zaina (UFSCar)
  16. Ontology Visualization in BioPortal: Methodological Triangulation for Analyzing Accessibility, Communicability, and Usability
    Daiane de Ascenção Cardoso (CEFET/RJ), Felipe da Rocha Henriques (CEFET/RJ), Kele Teixeira Belloze (CEFET/RJ)
  17. Perceptions about Usefulness and Attitudes toward UX work: a survey with software startup Brazilian professionals
    Guilherme Guerino (UNESPAR), Suéllen Martinelli (UFSCar), Joelma Choma (UFSCar), Gislaine Camila Leal (UEM), Renato Balancieri (UNESPAR), Luciana Zaina (UFSCar)
  18. Technologies for Hedonic Aspects Evaluation in Text-based Chatbots: A Systematic Mapping Study
    Ana Carolina R. de Souza (UFPR), Pamella A. de L. Mariano (UFPR), Guilherme C. Guerino (UNESPAR), Ana Paula Chaves (Northern Arizona University), Natasha M. C. Valentim (UFPR)
  19. The interface is on the table: Systematic Literature Review about interaction design to applications for tangible tabletops
    Vinicius Kruger da Costa (IFSul), Eliana Zen (IFFar), Tatiana Aires Tavares (UFPel)
  20. Towards Design Guidelines for IoT Applications considering Elderly Users
    Sandra Souza Rodrigues (USP), Renata Pontin de Mattos Fortes (USP), Kamila Rios da Hora Rodrigues (USP)
  21. Understanding the Accessibility Barriers Faced by Learners with Visual Impairments in Computer Programming
    Eliana Zen (UFPel & IFFar), Vinicius Kruger da Costa (UFPel & IFSul), Tatiana Aires Tavares (UFPel)
  22. Usability Evaluation of mobile banking applications in the context of the elderly in a city of Ceará
    Simone de Oliveira Santos (UFC), Agatha Bhenares Alves Martins Rodrigues (UFC), Ítalo Mendes da Silva Ribeiro (UFC)
  23. Usability and User Experience Evaluation of Touchable Holographic Solutions: A Systematic Mapping Study
    Thiago Prado de Campos (UTFPR & UFPR), Eduardo Filgueiras Damasceno (UTFPR), Natasha M. C. Valentim (URFPR)
  24. User Involvement in Interaction Design in the Context of Distributed Software Development: An interview study
    Daniel Domingos Alves (UFBA & IFMT), Ecivaldo de Souza Matos (UFBA)
  25. Using Networked Ontologies to support UX Evaluation in Immersive Context
    Simone Dornelas Costa (Ufes), Carolina de Freitas Manso (Ufes), Leonardo Carneiro Marques (UFAM), Bruno Freitas Gadelha (UFAM), Tayana Uchôa Conte (UFAM), Monalessa P. Barcellos (Ufes)

Ideias Inovadoras e Resultados Emergentes

  1. Inspecting the Accessibility of Instant Payment Systems from the Perspective of Low Literacy People
    Lorrane Nobre (UFPA), Nicoly Menezes (UFPA), Ingrid da Silva (UFPA), Luciano Teran (UFPA), Marcelle Mota (UFPA)
  2. A Socio-enactive Perspective on Emotion Contagion and Senses: Analyzing EEG Signals
    Geovanna Espinoza Taype (Unicamp), Julio Cesar dos Reis (Unicamp), M. Cecília Baranauskas (Unicamp)
  3. Usability considerations in social mobile maps to encourage social change
    André Silva Neto (UFPA), Paulo Melo (UFPA), Estêvão Barbosa (UFPA), Marcelle Mota (UFPA)
  4. AuriCheeks: Assistive Technology to Assist in Desktop Navigation
    Petrucio Filho (UFC), Carlos Feitosa (UFC), Juliana Sousa Barreto (UFC), Marcelo Martins da Silva (PUC-Rio)
  5. Digital Resources suiting people on the Autism Spectrum: usability criteria prioritization through crowdsourcing
    João Rafael Silva (UFPB), Yuska Paola Costa Aguiar (UFPB), Tiago Maritan (UFPB)
  6. How HCI concepts are approached in interactive digital arts: a literature review
    Nathan Batista (UFC), Ingrid Monteiro (UFC)
  7. Foi legal aprender jogando? Design e criação de uma experiência de aprendizagem baseada em jogo narrativo
    Bruno Vieira (UFVJM), Caroline Queiroz Santos (UFVJM)
  8. Towards alterity in interaction codesign
    Ecivaldo Matos (UFBA), Diego Zabot (UFBA), Filipe Garrido (UFBA), Juliana Santos (UFBA)
  9. EduVR: Towards an Evaluation Framework for User Interactions in Personalized Virtual Reality Learning Environments
    Robson Viol (UFOP), Paula Fernandes (UFOP), Iago Lacerda (UFOP – Campus Morro do Cruzeiro), Koda Faria Melo (UFOP), Andre Schneider (UFOP), Claudia Martins Carneiro (UFOP), Mateus Silva (UFOP), Saul Delabrida (UFOP)
  10. An analysis of gamification elements in mHealth applications
    Ivan Rocha (PUCRS), Milene Silveira (PUCRS)
  11. Exploring the Accessibility Legal Landscape: Accessibility Requirements in Mobile Applications according to ABNT NBR 17060
    Erik Da Costa Nunes (UFC), Ingrid Monteiro (UFC)
  12. Evaluating a MALTU Extension for UbiComp and IoT Systems
    Carlos Feitosa (UFC), Ingrid Monteiro (UFC)
  13. An Analysis of How Deceptive Design Patterns Affect the Welfare and Autonomy of Kidinfluencers in Social Media Platforms
    Nathalia Albuquerque (UFRPE), George Valença (UFRPE), Taciana Pontual Falcão (UFRPE)
  14. Augmented Reality in Books: An Evaluation of Alan Turing Book
    Bruno Adachi (UFOP), Júlia Gonzaga (UFOP), Paula Fernandes (UFOP), Silvia Amelia Bim (UTFPR), Silvio Boss (UTFPR), Saul Delabrida (UFOP)
  15. Once upon a time… you! A game to support health professionals in the treatment of children with chronic diseases, helping them to express their feelings
    Aline Verhalen (USP), Tiago Marino (USP), Kamila Rodrigues (USP)
  16. Towards the adaptation of SAwD for Deaf Users: Pilot Sessions with the Stakeholders Identification Diagram
    Soraia Prietch (UFR), J. Alfredo Sánchez (LANIA), Priscilla Lopes (UNEMAT), José Augusto Fabris (Companhia de transporte), Vanuza Leite (Secretaria Estadual de Educação de Rondonópolis), Daniel Alves (UFBA)
  17. Towards a tool for identification of emotions and integration with serious game learning
    Laura Marinho (UFOP), Andrea Bianchi (UFOP), Saul Delabrida (UFOP)
  18. A critical analysis on Brazilian computational scientific events linguistic aspects
    Luiz Paulo Carvalho (UFRJ), Silvia Amelia Bim (UTFPR), Flavia Maria Santoro (UERJ), Jonice Oliveira (UFRJ)
  19. Feasibility Study of a Model that evaluates the Learner Experience: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
    Gabriela Dos Santos (UFPR), Deivid Eive (UFPR), Natasha Valentim (UFPR)
  20. IoT Games and Gamified Systems: Summertime Sadness or Lust for Hype?
    Nayana Carneiro (UFC), Rossana Andrade (UFC), Ticianne Darin (UFC)
  21. Evaluating the User Experience of Type 1 Diabetes Control Applications
    Emanuel Coutinho (UFC), Francisco Catunda Neto (UFC)

Relatos de Experiências

  1. Socorro Chatbot: Promoting regular blood donation through a conversation agent
    Paulo Henrique Souto Maior Serrano (UFPB)
  2. Analyzing the Results of a Gerontology Data Collection Instrument: How do Specialists and Non-specialists Interpret the Data
    Suzane Santos dos Santos (USP), Marcelle Pereira Mota (UFPA), Brunela Della Maggiori Orlandi (USP), Kamila Rios da Hora Rodrigues (USP)
  3. Online interaction codesign: an experience report with elderly women
    Valéria Argôlo Rosa (UESB), Diego Zabot (UFBA), Ecivaldo de Souza Matos (UFBA), Juliana Maria Oliveira dos Santos (UFBA)
  4. May We Consult ChatGPT in Our Human-Computer Interaction Written Exam? An Experience Report After a Professor Answered Yes
    André Pimenta Freire (UFLA), Paula Christina Figueira Cardoso (UFLA), André de Lima Salgado (UFLA)
  5. Inclusion of deaf people in industry: Lessons learned from the usability evaluation of AppTalk
    Saymon Holanda (UFC), Larah Virginia (UFC), Ingrid Monteiro (UFC)
  6. Exploring Digital Misinformation as a Sociotechnical Phenomenon: Insights from a Small-scale Study
    Alisson Puska (UFPR), Roberto Pereira (UFPR)
  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: An Experience Report on Evaluating Aesthetics of a Design System for HUDs in EUD Serious Games
    Mariana Bernardino Muri (UFC), Kamila Rios da Hora Rodrigues (USP), Ticianne de Gois Ribeiro Darin (UFC)
  8. Encouraging learners to seek and explain communicability issues about Consent Request
    Wesley Nunes da Silva (UFF), Mônica da Silva (UFF), Luciana C. de Castro Salgado (UFF)