CEIHC is the special Human Computer Interaction (IHC) committee of SBC (Brazilian Computer Society) whose objective is to promote interaction between researchers, professionals and students interested in the various disciplines and their interdisciplinarity. Among them are: Computer Science, Arts, Design, Ergonomics, Psychology, Sociology, Semiotics and Linguistics.

The CEIHC is responsible for the promotion of the Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computing Systems (IHC) . CEIHC also supports other events in the area such as the Latin American Conference on Human Computer Interaction (CLIHC) .

Among its activities, CEIHC is responsible for the IHC community discussion list (ihc-l) , hosted at SBC.

Through the CEIHC, SBC maintains close ties with the activities of other scientific societies in the area of ​​human-computer interaction such as the Association for Computer Machinery, Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction – ACM SIGCHI and the International Federation for Information Processing, Technical Committee on Human-Computer Interaction – IFIP TC 13 .



Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza (2015) comments in an interview with the Millenium Institute about the (non) participation of women in the technology production process.

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Another Brazilian book in Springer’s HCI Series

The book Digital Legacy and Interaction: Post-Mortem Issues, edited by Cristiano Maciel and Vinícius Carvalho Pereira was published in the prestigious Springer series.
Visit the publisher’s website and check out the quality of the work of our colleagues.

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IHC 2014

IHC 2014 was held in Foz do Iguaçu from October 27 to 31, with the theme “Frontiers of Interaction”. The coordinators were Professors Clodis Boscarioli (UNIOESTE) and Sílvia Amélia Bim (UTFPR)

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