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The Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computational Systems publishes dozens of papers on the most diverse topics and themes every year. In the last five editions (2017-2021), there were 296 articles published in the main tracks!

IHC papers have achieved increased visibility and impact. Of the total number of articles published in 2017 and 2018, more than 90% have already received some citation. Currently, the average number of citations per article for the last five issues is three citations per paper, a metric growing annually.

In the survey carried out in May 2022 on the platform Google Scholar, the HCI has an index h5 = 12, and h10 = 19.

Considering the papers published in the last five years, the IHC has 12 articles with at least 12 citations and 19 papers with at least ten citations each.

Do you want to know which papers are most cited from the last five years? We analyzed the data and created a ranking with the papers that occupy the top 12 positions: there are 41 articles in the ranking.

The paper that occupies the first position received 35 citations, while nine papers share the 12th position of the ranking with seven citations each. See Table 1 for the ranking.

# Title
Year Citations
1 A Systematic Mapping Study on Research Contributions on UX Evaluation Technologies 2017 35
2 Here’s What I Can Do: Chatbots’ Strategies to Convey Their Features to Users 2017 34
3 Analyzing User Experience in Mobile Web, Native and Progressive Web Applications: A User and HCI Specialist Perspectives 2018 25
4 Human Values in HCI: a challenge for the GrandIHC-BR 2017 24
5 A systematic literature review on user centered design and participatory design with older people 2019 23
6 Usability Considerations For Coercion-Resistant Election Systems 2018 14
7 Do Android app users care about accessibility?: an analysis of user reviews on the Google play store 2019 13
Digital Memorials: A proposal for data management beyond life 2017 13
Native or Web-Hybrid Apps?: An Analysis of the Adequacy for Accessibility of Android Interface Components Used with Screen Readers 2017 13
8 Creating Personas focused on Representing Potential Requirements to Support the Design of Applications 2018 12
A Scenario-Based Approach for Checking Consistency in User Interface Design Artifacts 2017 12
Investigating accessibility issues of UI mobile design patterns in online communities: a virtual ethnographic study 2017 12
9 Characterising volunteers’ task execution patterns across projects on multi-project citizen science platforms 2019 10
TangiTime: designing a (socio)enactive experience for deep time in an educational exhibit 2019 10
Human Data-Interaction: A Systematic Mapping 2018 10
Beyond traditional evaluations: user’s view in app stores 2017 10
Designing for Pragmatists and Fundamentalists: Privacy Concerns and Attitudes on the Internet of Things 2017 10
Exploring the Communication of Cultural Perspectives in Death-Related Interactive Systems 2017 10
Searching for Preferences of Autistic Children to Support the Design of User Interfaces 2017 10
10 Watch or Immerse?: Redefining Your Role in Big Shows 2018 9
Young Adults’ Perspective on Managing Digital Legacy: An Analytical and Exploratory Study 2018 9
A Conceptual Framework to design Users Digital Legacy Management Systems 2017 9
Accessibility and Digital Inclusion: Utopia or a Great Challenge? 2017 9
How Much Effort is Necessary for Blind Users to Read Web-based Mathematical Formulae?: A comparison using task models with different screen readers 2017 9
Supporting people on fighting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) prejudice: a critical codesign process 2017 9
11 A survey on the awareness of brazilian web development community about cognitive accessibility 2019 8
Talking about digital immortality: a value-oriented discussion 2019 8
What are we talking about when we talk about location-based games evaluation?: a systematic mapping study 2019 8
Analysis, Redesign and Validation of Accessibility Resources Applied to an Official Electronic Journal for the Promotion of Equal Access to Public Acts 2018 8
Evaluating the PROMISE framework for Trust in Sharing Economy System 2018 8
Revisiting Interactive Art from an Interaction Design Perspective: Opening a Research Agenda 2018 8
Design Ethnography for Screenless Interaction Style: hands-on and no-hands in early morning routines 2017 8
12 Identity and volition in Facebook digital memorials and the challenges of anticipating interaction 2019 7
Personalized interactive gesture recognition assistive technology 2019 7
SemTh: an approach to the design of therapeutic digital games 2019 7
A Study of Hedonic Experience Related to UX Capture Techniques 2018 7
An Analysis of Users’ Preferences on Pre-Management of Digital Legacy 2018 7
Requirements for Avatar in Virtual Environment of Support Learning in the Literacy of Deaf People in Portuguese Mediated by LIBRAS 2018 7
Towards a Methodology to Support Augmentative and Alternative Communication by means of Personalized Gestural Interaction 2018 7
Designing oppressive and libertarian interactions with the conscious body 2017 7
Evaluating the usability expressiveness of a USability-oriented INteraction and Navigation model 2017 7

Table 1: Top 12 Ranking – the 41 IHC articles published between 2017 and 2021 with the highest citations.

The survey was done manually in May 2022, subject to human error and constant Google Scholar updates.

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