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The IHC Highlight Career Award was established by the Special Committee on Human Computer Interaction (CEIHC) of the Brazilian Society for Computing for Recovery and honoring members of the scientific community in this area of ​​work with historical and continuous contribution to inspire, develop and promote Brazilian research in IHC. The awardees are periodically selected by CEIHC as one of the company’s main consultants for extraordinary performance in the following areas:

  • Scientific Contribution in the IHC area
  • Scientific or educational projects of high social relevance
  • Influence and training of researchers in the IHC area
  • Service to the Brazilian community of IHC
  • Insertion and international recognition

Profa. Clarisse is undoubtedly the person with the highest national and international visibility in the IHC area. Already awarded several prizes and international awards, she was one of the pioneers in the area of ​​IHC in Brazil, having dozens of Masters and PhD guidelines completed.

Clarisse de Souza’s contributions to an area of ​​IHC, not just in Brazil but throughout the world, speak for themselves and are evident in their publications of books and articles in magazines and conferences of great impact.