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The Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computational Systems (IHC) publishes, every year, dozens of paper on many areas and themes. In the 25 years of an event like this, it’s easy to imagine that a wealth of high quality productions comes from it.

In this timespan, research and innovation come together in a plethora of contributions. Those productions are not only highlights by themselves, but they nurture many other new and old papers. That’s why we invite you to know more about some of the papers that were published on IHC with the biggest number of citation in other productions.

They are papers that deal with many subjects around IHC, from communicability and accessibility to UX evaluation and semiotic inspection. See below the list of the most cited papers; don’t miss the chance to check this collection of knowledge!

Title Year Citations
The semiotic inspection method 2006 257
Como conhecer usuários através do Método de Explicitação do Discurso Subjacente (MEDS) 2004 79
Exploring new formats of the Self-Assessment Manikin in the design with children 2016 74
Conveying mood and emotion in instant messaging by using a two-dimensional model for affective states 2006 67
Issues of the social web interaction project faced with afterlife digital legacy 2011 61
Revisiting the Three HCI Waves: A Preliminary Discussion on Philosophy of Science and Research Paradigms 2016 60
A Systematic Mapping Study on Research Contributions on UX Evaluation Technologies 2017 59
A method for evaluating software communicability 1999 56
5W2H Framework: a guide to design, develop and evaluate the user-centered gamification 2016 56
Missing and declining affordances: are these appropriate concepts? 2000 53
Design para a inclusão: desafios e proposta 2006 52
Here’s What I Can Do: Chatbots’ Strategies to Convey Their Features to Users 2017 49
A systematic literature review on user centered design and participatory design with older people 2019 46
Applicability of the semiotic inspection method: a systematic literature review 2011 44
Desafios de design para a TV digital interativa 2006 43
Developing an accessible interaction model for touch screen mobile devices: preliminary results 2011 41
A real-time system to recognize static gestures of Brazilian sign language (libras) alphabet using Kinect 2012 41
Montando questionários para medir a satisfação do usuário: avaliação de interface de um sistema que utiliza técnicas de recuperação de imagens por conteúdo 2008 39
Towards user psychological profile 2008 39
The internet generation and its representations of death: considerations for posthumous interaction projects 2012 39
Softwares sociais: uma visão orientada a valores 2010 38
Analyzing User Experience in Mobile Web, Native and Progressive Web Applications: A User and HCI Specialist Perspectives 2018 38
Comparação entre os métodos de avaliação de base cognitiva e semiótica 2006 36
Usabilidade, acessibilidade e inteligibilidade aplicadas em interfaces para analfabetos, idosos e pessoas com deficiência 2008 36
The Bifocal Tree: a Technique for the Visualization of Hierarchical Information Structures 2002 35
An exploratory study on non-visual mobile phone interfaces for games 2008 35
The Interplay of Aesthetics, Usability and Credibility in Mobile Websites and the Moderation by Culture 2016 35

Table 1: Most cited published IHC papers on in the 25 years of the event.


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It should be noted that the data collection was manually made in October 2023 in Google Scholar.

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